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Fitness Rehab is devoted to helping you through all aspects of your health and fitness journey. If you are seeking individualized coaching/training combined with great relationships and fun, we are the gym for you.




Boxing Training

In Person Services

HIIT Training

Our 45 minute High Intensity Training class incorporates kickboxing, combat and strength movements taught by Instructor Saida Riddell.  You will learn fun and different pad-drills that will challenge your hand-eye-coordination, timing, speed, and cardiovascular threshold. 

Classes are currently offered on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM

Gym Equipments

Individual Personal Training

Train one to one with a personal trainer several times per week.

Set individual goals, receive accountable/coaching and an individual plan that works for your time and schedule.

Medicine Ball Workout

Semi Private Training

Semi-privates training combines 2-3 clients with similar goals in a small group.

You will experience the camaraderie of a group and the individual attention of personal training in a group setting.

Guided Online Programs

During our six week journey experiences, you will work one to one with a coach to pin-point your specific issue and gain practical tools and strategies to achieve a targeted outcome.  Our six week specialized programs involve a weekly one to one session (either via Zoom or in-person) with a coach combined online homework and specialized classes offered via our online app. This allows you the flexibility to work with us from anywhere to achieve a targeted outcome for life changing results in a six week period. 

With each program, you can expect:

  • A daily 10-15 minute individualized exercise + stretch routine geared to help you move and feel better

  • One to one sessions (via Zoom or in-person)

  • Follow along videos and coaching for each exercise and concept we cover

  • Lifetime support via access to our closed facebook group

  • Lifetime access to all videos and supportive material

You will receive:

  • An individualized, progressive 6 week stretching/mobility program that pint-points and eliminates movement and physical limitations.

  • A fitness program that builds strength and resiliency for your specific needs

  • Coaching on key habits to manage pain with sitting, standing, taking stairs, walking and other postures which create pain.

  • Specific coaching that applies to YOUR life versus reading from a script. 


Breathe 360

This program is geared toward Singers, Speakers, Post covid 19 sufferers or ANYONE experiencing chronic pain. Quite simply, this program will help you to take a full 360 degree breathe and improve the way you breathe and move by optimizing body mechanics and posture.


Back Pain Be Gone

In this experience, you will target key exercises, issues and habits essential to eliminating back pain at work, in the gym, while sleeping and life overall.  


Knee Pain Be Gone

In this experience, you will target key exercises, issues and habits essential to eliminating knee pain at work, in the gym, while sleeping and life overall.

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