Do you dislike feeling like you are going to throw up after workouts or feeling achy and tired all the time? Or are you missing being active but chronic aches and pains are holding you back?


The bottom line is training should be something that helps you feel better, not worse and a "good workout" doesn't mean scraping yourself off the floor.


We call our business Fitness Rehab because we help people look and feel better while taking a broader view of what health really is. 


Personal Program Consultation

Are you looking for a personalised Fitness or pain relief program?
Need help with movements that always seem to land you in pain or at the chiropractor?
Do you want the upper hand when it comes to sports or leisure activities?
This is a great place to start!
This program begins with a comprehensive self assessment followed with an hour long coaching session with Chris.
In that hour Chris will help walk you through your program, cover the movements, discuss your needs, and get you one your way to feeling great!
Clients also have the option to schedule further hours with Chris for one on one training.

You receive-

- 60 minute call with Chris to work on injury prevention, exercise form, movement assessment, etc.-

- Detailed notes from session-

- Zoom Call recorded and sent to you-

- Custom mobility program-

-In Person or Online-

Pain Free Fitness


Our pain free fitness course is 4 weeks of fitness and movement education.
Workout with us: discovering how to move, exercise, and stretch properly so you can relieve pain, get the most from your workouts, and have fun!
Included is a a comprehensive self assessment, fitness and cardio program, posture and breathing resets, and self care strategies and corrections for pain relief..

You also receive with your membership.

- Custom mobility and fitness program-

- Weekly webinar on essentials of pain relief and pain free fitness-

- Weekly check in-

- Access to two Kinstretch classes per week-

-In Person or Online-




For people who have completed our Pain Free Fitness course and want to continue their fitness program, Fitness Rehab training is our advanced program.
Included is our adult fitness and cardio programming, weekly meeting for education and to answer questions and access to our weekly Kinstretch class! (Its like yoga but better!)
What you get in your membership:

- Mobility/fitness/movement assessment every four weeks-

- Custom fitness and mobility program design-

- Entire program offered via specialized online app-

- Weekly check in and progress update-

-In Person or Online-

2-1 Studio Training

Our Premier workout sessions offered in our studio.
What you get in your membership:

-Small group sessions 2 or 3 times a week-

-Use of our Gym equipment-

-In person training with your coach-

- Mobility/fitness/movement assessment every session-

-Habits and Accountability every week-

- Custom fitness and mobility program design-

- Entire program accessible through our specialized online app-

-In Person ONLY-


With over 20 years of combined experience, we provide each client a personalized training program and experience to suit their individual needs of your body, life and schedule.


Everything we do is based upon a detailed evaluation.

We build our clients up by beginning with foundational core building exercises which build to things like weight training, kettlebell training and conditioning.


We help you build a foundation for long term health by working on simple habits which culminate in long term change.

We take into account elements such as sleep, daily stress levels, diet and even the way you breathe as we coach you.

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