The story of our business really begins with my Mom. I am an only child and the thing I remember most about growing up was her commitment to staying healthy. From signing me up for my first soccer team to running around the field as we practiced, My Mom supported me and came to ever game I ever played. 

    She spotted me on my Dad's rickety old weight bench as I learned to bench and curl for the first time as a teenager (the measure of every young man's athletic prowess) and was my first client when I moved back to Lakeland to start my gym.

 My Mom has always been my biggest supporter and one of the greatest benefits of my work today is keeping her healthy as she gracefully ages.
Over the last ten years, she has consistently trained 2-3 days per week, performs regular mobility work to reduce/eliminate aches and pains and met a group of friends that she regularly walks and goes out to dinner with after our fitness classes.

I am extremely proud of my Mom and the point of this story is that I have seen a similar version play out in hundreds of people we have trained over the years.  Getting in better shape, addressing nutrition habits versus fad diets and meeting people who share and support our goals are all vital components of a healthy lifestyle.

This is why our program is set up to address all these factors.

We specialize in working with people using specific strength training, corrective exercise and nutrition coaching to improve and maintain quality of life.  In addition, we get you beast mode strong, help you to move better and look great at the same time.
Our tribe is not for everyone (we are committed to long term health versus short term fads and diets) but if you are ready to commit to long term health, gain practical tools to move better and join a community of awesome people that is second to none (and meet my Mom), I invite you to give us a try.  There is a reason I train the Moms of my best friends growing up and I want to be the personal trainer your son or daughter would want for you.


Coach Chris