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Fitness Rehab provides high quality individualized personal training and nutritional coaching to help you
feel more confident and stronger with the support you need.




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Gym Equipments

Fight the impacts of aging by getting stronger, more mobile and more athletic.

  1. Would you like to feel stronger and have more energy?

  2. Want to improve flexibility and feel less stiff?

  3. Looking for a supportive team that supports every aspect of your health?

Medicine Ball Workout

How we work with clients:

Our approach:

  • We offer specialized team that covers all aspects of your health

  • We focus on building foundational habits that sustain long term progress

  • We focus on teaching the fundamentals of exercise and proper form

  • We offer fitness program which improves athleticism and mobility to improve overall health

How to Get Started

Here's our training process:

  1. Schedule an assessment

  2. Choose your training plan

  3. Start looking and feeling better



Sharon N.

"In the past I had a shoulder injury that bothered me quite a bit, even just driving in the car and turning the steering wheel caused a lot of pain. When I brought it to Chris' attention, we worked on strengthening that weakness... now we've worked it and I am pain free. I can do a push up with a smile on my face."


Scott L.

"Went from basically not doing anything to being able to do a lot more. Just from the functional fitness that we've been doing, its strengthened my back. I've had back issues, back surgery in the past. The overall strength gains have been significant since I've been working with Chris."


Caroline D.

"I came to see Chris because I had a lot of pain in my hip and my hamstring due to running injuries. The issue had been going on for about three years. After working with Chris for about 4 or 5 months, their was a big difference. Little by little the pain went away, and now I am pain free and can run again."

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Lakeland, FL



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