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At Fitness Rehab, we offer several different types of training based upon your needs. Before starting any of our classes, small group training, individual training or working with us online, we perform a thorough evaluation and one to one orientation session to acclimate you with our style of training.

This orientation includes an assessment to identify painful movements, flexibility issues, movement restrictions or anything we should be aware of as we train you. Part of our process is providing you with a custom “daily warm up” of postural exercises that help you to breath better and put your body in the best to move and load without pain.

How We Operate

We work with clients ranging from those who have never set foot in the gym to those who have worked out their entire life. In all cases, we explain the difference between training versus working out is following a consistent schedule to get to a specific goal.

Thus our “goal” for every client we work with is to not only train you, but to bring clarity to specific objectives and teach you the tools to achieve real progress. These include:

  • Logging exercise progress to see improvement

  • Following a training schedule versus just doing random workout

  • Setting reasonable habit changes for nutrition versus flaming out on crash diets

  • Performing short, core/active mobility exercises daily versus stretching for hours 1-2 days per week

Our clients typically work with us in the gym 2-3 days per week and are provided with a custom training plan with additional workouts and activities which are accessible via a customized app to ensure you always know exactly what to do both in and out of the gym.

Semi-Private training

Our semi-private training consists of groups of 2-3 people. Each person receives a personalized program which is based upon your unique goals. Most importantly, you will receive highly individualized coaching and instruction. Attention to detail matters a great deal to make appropriate progress and our focus in using a variety of methods and strategies to comfortably progress you towards your goals in a pain free fashion.

You will learn how good you can feel and what your body is capable above.


We offer a system of several classes that we help you to choose based upon your goals and objectives.



We work with a number of clients around the world as well as locally who do not necessarily have time to train with us every week, but seek to achieve the results we provide. Through a customized app created for our business, we can create an individualized program and custom training schedule which is listed on the app with exercises, instructions and individual coaching to suit your needs.

This service comes with an individual in-person or virtual Zoom session to review your monthly program and weekly check ins to update and progress your program.


We typically save personal training for clients with a very specific goal such as seeking to avoid surgery or train for a specific sport as well as those who seek a fully private environment. Our coaches are Polk County’s most experienced and educated and have helped hundred of clients avoid surgery, improve their golf swing and much much more.