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This drill goes out to all of you that get knee pain and/or lower back pain after hours of sitting at work.

Why: The reason our knees begin to hurt is often because the way we shift our weight. My quads get tight because my weight shifts forward in my toes excessively. My back arches excessively to keep me from falling over and begins to ache.

This drill helps to turn on the hamstrings and abs to put our bodies in a better position and turn off the excessive muscle activity described above that drives pain.


Press back in to wall and attempt to feel abs.Keep shoulders and head against wall as well.Reach forward with arms and dig back with heels. Try to feel hamstrings.

Where do I view this awesome exercise?

Till next week,

Coach Chris

So crawling is a really popular thing in the fitness world. Reasons I have heard range from looking stupid to reseting posture via neurodevelopmental patterns.

I am content to let people believe whatever they wish, but what I know to be true is that each oblique (side ab muscle) forms a sling between the shouldr and the opposite hip. Every time we take a step, this muscle has to contract in order to assist in propelling us forward.

Putting the hands on the ground via crawling is like adding resistance to this effect and sliders on the feet do this double time!

This makes the reverse slider bear crawl my absolute go to for waxing my floors as well as murdering the obliques and improving posture. I included an easy level and a hard level and it is a great exercise to do as either a stand alone core exercise or during a warm up.

Perform 2-3 sets of 8-10 steps on each side and feel free to send requests for future circuits via email!

I deal with a lot of clients that come in and never really feel anything.

Sure, certain things burn when fatigue sets in but typically this is just due to being tired. This often stems from the inability to develop tension in the right places.

This ability to develop tension--especially in the core-- is one of the most important concepts to ensure we are using the right muscles to get what we want out of training.

Early on, I often have clients hold bands and squeeze blocks to assist in "finding" the right core muscles. This is a great strategy to use if you cant feel certain exercises and is the subject of this week's exercises.

By using a band and squeeze a block with focused breathing, I am literally forcing my body to utilize the right muscles in these two core drills. Try them out and follow the instructions in the video!

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