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Egg Rolls For Back Pain

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

As someone constantly battling compression, rolling and lots of it has become a staple in my programming- for both myself and clients. You may sleep on your back with your legs straight, squat heavy and/or just stand with your feet on the ground a lot.

All of these activities nutate the sacrum and leads us to hang out in a deadlift or hinge bias more than we would probably care to. This is why I like to knock out 15-20 reps of the egg roll at least once per hour. I find that many peeps are too stiff to access this position initially and require an elevated roll hold before progressing in to rolling itself.

For those who are nutated or tipped forward on one side (usually the left), I like the single knee to chest egg roll and/or side to side egg roll with more reps performed toward the left Directions for this drill are pretty simple- Inhale while tipping back and exhale while tipping forward.

Enjoy and stay moving my friends!

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