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Flexibility is NOT the foundation of mobility.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Flexibility is NOT the foundation of mobility. At least not the way you define it @romwod .

Flexibility=Passive ROM or how far we can stretch Mobility= Active ROM that we can use So by this logic, it would seem that stretching a muscle would get us more active ROM right?


The problem with this is our brain. Let's say I reach down and can't touch my toes? The logical thing to do would seem to be stretch my hamstrings. Instead hang out in your toe touch and perform three DEEP inhales thru the nose and exhale thru the mouth (see me do this in Video 1) Why did I gain ROM? Because my deep breathing sent an input to my nervous system to relax and let go. Nervous system training=instant ROM. When the nervous system feels under threat, ALL of your stretching gains are immediately erased as it tightens muscles to protect you. When it feels safe, we get extra ROM and the capacity to build even more. This is why ALL of our flexibility/mobility work should either be done by breathing in to positions or moving through them actively.

Got tight shoulders? Try this move in Video 2 and watch the immediate improvement in my ROM. Rather than hanging out in point less stretches for 45 minutes, we could spend 10 minutes on active and purposeful movements that gain better results.

Let's replace stretching classes with something more purposeful. Who is with me?

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