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Health is achieved in the long term..

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Long term health and fitness are the result of little things done consistently over time. I have always loved to lift heavy, jump, sprint and compete. But the other side of the coin (the penance we pay for being active) is the unsexy stuff. The little modifications and alternating stuff that we make to our accessory work and off day recovery work. Today, I lift heavy three days per week and use my three other days to condition and restore movement options.

This stuff doesn't have to be slow, boring or feel like rehab. It has actually helped me to fall in love with training once again because I can focus on exploring movement again without feeling guilty for not touching a barbell or worrying about load.

Everything has it's place and here are some things I played around with today:

1. Low to high crawl

2. FFE Split squat hold w/weight shift

3. Alternating bear push ups w/feet on wall

4. Retro step rows

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