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The Importance of Foot Mobility

I am learning about rear foot versus forefoot opposition at the moment.

In yet another "I can't believe I missed that" light bulb moment, learning about forefoot versus rear foot opposition has opened my eyes to something that has been plaguing a L AIC client I couldn't seem to give a right glute max.

In short, as our rear foot pronates in the frontal plane, the fore foot must supinate in order to keep the toes on the ground and open the plantar surface of the foot to become a mobile adapter.

Without the opposition of these two structures, the foot moves as one unit and we get locked in to one foot shape.

I was in a fog thinking about how I can practically teach a rather complex concept to my clients and the airdyne came in to view.

This is an awesome tool to isolate teach portion of the foot and work within specific arcs from early to mid stance.

I used it with a particular client I was having trouble with lately and immediately they felt far more glute in our subsequent drills.

I used the toes hanging off the pedal to emphasize the feeling of pronation versus supination and then switched to the toes.

This is a great segway in to the FFE Split squat in which we can do the same thing.

I like these two together as a teaching progression or warm up tool.

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