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Why are you deadlifting when it hurts to stand?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Getting older has caused me to think differently about fitness. Not because I don't want to be jacked or have a six pack. But because you can have both of those things and feel like shit all the time. Sort of like a race car that can blow past the competition but can't idle for five minutes without breaking down.

Show me someone that can control lying down, sitting and standing for the long periods of time we humans spend inactive and that is someone prepared for the real demands of the new millennium. I think about someone who is a shape shifter that can manipulate their position without having to get up and walk around or move to the floor to do breathing resets. This person can spend hours in a given stance because they understand their body and can adjust as needed.

This person can also squat, deadlift and bench WAYYY better because they haven't fried their body during the day. Is this ideal? Absolutely not. But it is making the best of the reality of our digital lives. Here are a few examples of shape changes based upon common restrictions I see in working with clients.

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