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Balance and the Natural Cycle

Health<> Disease

Flexion<> Extension

Happiness<> Despair

Everything in life and nature cycles from one extreme to another. I talk a lot about different ways to improve movement, but here is why and the outcome we are seeking. Our goal is to spread stress and movement across as large as range as possible to dissipate stress. The larger the loop, the more potential we have to create force and movement.

Now take who someone is experiencing extension based back pain. Often, their feedback loop has been limited to an extremely small area. This means they have no option but to place more stress on the only area they can access. This is also why surgery or passive therapies alone are rarely the answer. They do very little to restore feedback loops. We have to move to do that.

So what is the solution? Expose yourself to the other side. If all you can do is flex, try to extend. The bigger lesson for me here is that in life, this is why it is important to keep an open mind.

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