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Experimenting with Squat Prep

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Hitting a deeper squat is all about sacral counter nutation and subsequent hip flexion. Our goal is to start in positions that allow our body to yield and more easily change position (prone, side lying and supine) and then gradually progress to standing. If we start in standing with a squat as a warm up, we often miss the mark with reestablishing optimal joint position.

Here are three progressive moves (perform in order of videos that I've been playing around with to improve my squat:

1. Hip flexion deadbug /side bend- Hold for 8 breaths per side.

2. Standing hip flexion- Perform 8 reps per side. Inhale at the top and EXHALE at the bottom.

3. Assisted squat- Inhale down and focus on pulling knees to chest. Exhale up.

4. Before/after video- Proof is in the pudding.

Not perfect but my torso is straighter and I drop a bit further in to a squat without assistance.

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