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Finding your center during Crisis

As the situation has evolved, it has become clear to me that this virus is far more infectious than just it's physical component. It has spread fear, panic and a sense of despair throughout our community and our world.

 While I lack the expertise to add to the precautions which virtually every small business is recommending (and I agree with), I can offer the resource which has personally helped me to navigate this crisis.

The Lakeland Meditation GroupI have attended for several years on Wed at 6:30 PM has been an incredible source of insight in to myself and the way I react to times good and bad. As someone who is always looking to the future and what must be done next, I have learned to better experience what is happening right here, right now.

I personally have found a lot of peace inbodyscanningfollowed byLoving kindnessmeditation to evoke feelings of empathy and personal calm. When I encounter difficult situations, I will take one minute to focus on my breathing or briefly scan my body. 

Even if you feel meditation is not your thing, taking time to journal or focus on something that brings you joy helps to let go of feelings of panic and false urgency.

You may say you don't have time for such things in the midst of this crisis, but this exactly when we need it most.

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