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Maximal Tension is Key

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Developing maximal tension is a key qualities I believe all humans require. is the ability to develop maximal tension. I work with a lot of older adults and people in pain and we would often hit a wall in training this quality when they could not move beyond a certain load over a full ROM. Enter overcoming isos.

These drills have made a huge difference in my programming because they allow my clients to train maximal tension development in a safe and effective fashion.

Rather than programming a heavy trap bar deadlift as my A1 for an older adult, I may program a mid-thigh pull (see video 1) for 3 reps of 3 seconds followed by a Trap bar deadlift at a lower load.

For my narrow ISAs, I LOVE the isometric safety bar squat from a box (video 2) as a mechanism to teach overcoming contractions.

I work with several MS clients that cannot walk, but the spine isometric leg press (video 3) is an amazing option to give them max tension development.

Typically I will perform this drill at 3 points through their available ROM.

These are just a few examples of isos that can be used in lieu of lifting super heavy.

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