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Right Knee Pain Exercises

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The inability to reverse pronation is one of the major causes of knee pain. Getting stuck too long in the mid-stance on one side or the other can create chronic adductor (inner thigh) tightness and a chronic weight shift to that side (often the right).

One concept I want all of my followers to get away from is the idea that several random drills or stretches will be the solution to pain or tightness. The things we do should be progressive and offer a carryover to the next drill. This is a sequence of three exercises which are essentially the same exercise with the same intent: to shift us away from our overloaded right side.

The goal is to feel right abductors (outer hip) and left ab wall to shift us TOWARD the left. Perform them back to back, taking time to focus on feeling the right muscles. Perform each drill for 8-10 breaths and finally 8-10 reps and repeat circuit back to back several times.

1. Side lying lady in glasses

2. Elevated L stance w/R reach

3. Lateral stance walks

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