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The Real Health Challenge

First, I want to apologize to all the clients over the years to whom I have suggested counting macros, going keto and religiously keeping a nutrition log.

I have watched your expression go from blank when I overloaded you with information to frustrated when yet another body fat measurement stayed the same.

The entire process begins to seems completely overwhelming because we try to do WAY to much too quickly while failing to stamp out the bad habits that got us in to this position in the first place.

But instead of following a diet or worrying about logging what we do at every meal, what if we just focused on one thing at a time? Lets set aside dieting for the moment and just talk about five undisputed habits that will lead to consistent fat loss.

My question for you is are you doing these things consistently? Until you are, it makes no sense to discuss carb to protein ratios or going keto. You haven’t been successful because you haven’t been consistent and if you can master these five things, I promise you that fat loss will follow.

This is why coach Roger Woodstock and I will be hosting our 6 weeks to Holiday Fat loss program kicking off on Monday November 4th and runs thru Sunday December 14th. It is open to current and new clients alike.

This program will involve working through the habits listed and getting you consistent at a time (the holidays) when most people are falling apart.

It involves 2-3 weekly workouts at our gym, daily education and accountability for each habit, plus a daily check in system to ensure you are sticking to the program. We team you up with a partner and the group which is most consistent over 8 weeks wins $250 and some other rad prizes.

This program will absolutely help you lose body fat, but most importantly, you will build a strong foundation going in to the New Year to really hit the ground running.

We are looking for only 8 people to test this program so if this sounds like you, feel free to email me OR text me at (863) 670-3820 for more info.

Until Next Time,

Coach Chris

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